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One-on-One At The Glen

June 26, 2017 / 0

The 3.3 mile circuit at Watkins Glen belonged to Tyler Kicera in 2016. He swept both SCCA US Majors Tour races and the NASA Eastern States Championship. The question heading into the 2017 Hoosier Super Tour event was could Tyler continue his winning ways in upstate New York.

Work with newly affiliated Flatout Motorsports teammate Nick Leverone, Tyler secured pole position for both races. In race one, he broke into the lead right away and pulled a gap on then second position Danny Steyn. Over the course of the race, Steyn tracked down Kicera and settled in, waiting to strike at the right moment. On the final lap, Kicera defended down the back straight forcing Steyn to take the outside line into the bus stop.

"Danny seemed determined to drive it in however deep he needed to get the position" Kicera explained. "Unfortunately for him, he carried too much speed in and I anticipated that. When he ran wide at the exit, I pulled slightly ahead into the carousel."

The disabled car of Anthony Geraci sat stranded in against the tire wall at the exit of the carousel, keeping the section under local yellow. Kicera and Steyn ran side by side and, although both lifted, neither wanted to give up the position. After they passed the incident, Kicera put a move on Steyn under braking into the laces. From there it was all Kicera's race.

Race two was pretty much a mirror of race one with Steyn locked to Kicera's bumper. The two ran one-two swapping the top spot a couple of times in the middle of the race. On the last lap heading into turn one, Steyn made his move on Kicera. Heading down the back straight Kicera, like Steyn the day before, pulled to his left. He wasn't able to pull far enough up on Steyn to challenge.

On his last lap battle Kicera said, "the roles were reversed today and I think Danny knew what he needed to do to defend. In hindsight, there really wasn't a move to be made there and I should have just waited until later in the lap to attempt a pass. Unfortunately, where I was positioned it killed my momentum and created a gap that I simply couldn't make up."


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